Your Hosts

Greetings from Conway Falconer and Natasha Pincus, the husband and wife team that own Lucky Bean Restaurant and Guesthouse. We have lived in Johannesburg for most of our lives. It is a city that we know and love and these two unique businesses reflect our passion and the exhilarating energy of this beguiling melting pot that is our “City of Gold.”

Representing the best of “Jozi’s” generous heart, the style is urbane, cosmopolitan and laid back; with respect for all cultures at the core of what we do. This still feels like a “city in the making”, and we see the world moving through our doors.

Our name is derived from the beautiful tree mural in our restaurant. This tree, the Erythrina Lysistemon is also known as the Coral Tree and “die Kanniedood nie (cannot die)”. It is called the Mophete in Tswana and the Umsinsi in Zulu.

Also commonly known as the Lucky Bean tree it is used for traditional medicines (muti) and the seeds are used as lucky charms and as beads and necklaces. The trees were planted on the graves of Chiefs.

Come in, be yourself: no-one is a stranger here !